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Online Writing Courses

At Ellechor Publishing House, LLC it is our goal to get you a few steps closer to producing that best-selling novel.  That's why we offer intensive online writing courses. Here you will discover the basics of what makes a book unique, as you write a novel that builds with careful attention to craft, and with openness to those creative leaps that will make it exceptional.

Our courses are taught by published authors, experienced teachers and publishers. Our goal is to empower and develop writers so they can achieve their goals or producing quality, publication ready material.

*Authors under a traditional contract with us enjoy the benefits of these courses free!

You can expect to learn how to do the following:

  1. Develop an outline (10 pages) for your original novel
  2. Write a pitch to use when approaching literary agents or publishers
  3. Define a plan to complete your novel in three months and your corresponding writing schedule

We will support you even after the course!

  1. A certified life or writing coach will be available to you for up to four sessions to ensure that you stay on schedule
  2. You may submit your compeleted manuscript to EPH at any time, even if our unsolicited manuscript acceptance period is closed

EPH101 Writing Techniques for Beginning Authors [Special Edition]


This intensive four-week online course is for serious writers with a developed concept or idea for a new novel.

EPH102 Writing Techniques


This intensive eight-week online course is for serious writers with a developed concept or idea for a new novel.

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