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latest publications
Final Trimester (Book 1, The Quigley Triplets Trilogy)
Dianna T. Benson

Paramedic Jodi Duncan recognizes the work of a serial killer before Myrtle Beach PD even suspects a connection between the deaths of two pregnant women.

When another pregnant woman is murdered, Detective Nate Quigley is named lead detective on the case of three dead pregnant women. As he works the case, attempting to link the deaths and unmask and stop a serial murderer, Jodi becomes the killer’s new target.

The 7-Step Guide to Authorpreneurship
Rochelle Carter

This how-to handbook will guide you through each phase of your writing career to create a business that generates regular income while allowing you to do what you love. Loaded with well-organized information and practical tips and strategies, this guide will become a trusted resource you consult again and again as you build your career.

Endorsed by Brian Jud, Author of How to Make Real Money Selling Books, Chip MacGregor, MacGregor Literary Inc., with Forewords by K.M. Weiland, International Bestselling Author and Writing Coach and Beat Barblan, Director of Bowker Identifier Services

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Ellechor Media Founder/CEO Two-Time 2014 Stiletto Women In Business Award Finalist

Rochelle Carter, author and founder/CEO of Ellechor Media LLC has received national recognition for her leadership and professional achievements as a finalist in both the Entrepreneur Of The Year (Creative Arts & Media) and Business On The Rise categories of the 2014 Stiletto Women In Business Award (SWIBA) competition. The ... Read More »

An Interview with Author Michael Braswell

Michael Braswell is the author of Interview with Joab, which was recently released by Ellechor Publishing House. He has published more than 20 books, including Morality Stories (with Joy Pollock and Scott Braswell), Justice, Crime and Ethics (with Bernard and Belinda McCarthy) and the novel Long Road Home (with Richard Zevitz). ... Read More »

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