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Freelance Writers

Maybe you want to write for Ellechor Publishing House. We’re always looking for freelance writers--men and women of all ages whom the Lord has gifted and called to write. Here’s a broad outline of the types of articles/poetry we believe are compelling, relevant, and inspirational to the readers of our e-newsletters/devotionals:


The Foundation

Writer’s Tips Ask yourself the following questions before you begin to write: How can we cultivate our writing skills? What advice/guidelines can be given to Christian writers?

Message & Mission What makes you a Christian? Inspirational poetry, devotional pieces, and short stories can all be utilized to answer these questions.

Diversity: Ethnic, age, and gender differences in our writers and those in our stories are strongly encouraged. Ellechor Publishing House is for all people


The Spin 

Articles such as the Writing Tips, book editorials, devotionals, and news are posted monthly on average. The following is a list of the types of articles we generally post/collect, a brief description of their focus/theme, and the word length for each. Staff Writer’s will receive topics/subject matter via email but can decide from the following types of submissions. All submissions must be original, unpublished work of the author.


EPH Says Yes to…

  • Solid, research based articles.
  • Accompanying references for technical material and quotes.
  • Writing that is open, honest, candid, personal, real, vulnerable, fresh, lively, upbeat.
  • Devotional/Christian centric non-fiction materials should be Bible-based and preferably adhere to the Seventh-Day Adventist Fundamental Beliefs.
    • This is not a requirement, but merely a preference.


EPH Says No to…

  • Tired, familiar ideas.
  • Top-of-the-head writing.
  • Multiple submissions (if you send your manuscript elsewhere, don't send it to us).
  • Heavily quoted material--keep it below 15 percent.
  • Long quotes from other writers.
  • Long, academic dissertations (Keep it interesting!)


Here's How It All Happens

You submit a double-spaced article and a cover letter. Send your freelance submissions via the Submit Manuscript tool. Be sure to set your submission type to Freelance Work/Other Call for Submissions and submit your cover letter in the "Chapter Summary" upload section.

We notify you of our decision, usually within three to four weeks. Rejected articles are disposed of after six months.

If we accept, we buy your manuscript for rights to first use, then the copyright returns to you. We pay on acceptance, not publication. You won’t get rich freelance writing for EPH, but you will receive payments via PayPal.   

Your article appears on the EPH website, newsletter or in an anthology, though usually not right away. It might be some time before it is printed. 

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