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Adopt An Author

In our efforts to provide complete support to all aspiring and established writers, we provide extensive, no-contract options for the self-published author. These options are only available for the truly self-published novel, meaning novels assigned to a business title (LLC, Inc., etc.) are not eligible.

*If you have not already self-published your novel, we highly recommend that you look at Submitting a Manuscript. All authors desiring our support must go through the same acquisitions process.


Creative Publishing

  • E-Publishing Contracts
    • We provide the software needed to independently publish your novel electronically and sell direct from any online site
  • Print Only publishing is available for authors who have already electronically published their novel. You must meet the following requirements for this option:
    1. An established ISBN in your name
    2. Self-ownership of all publication rights
    3. An established blog/online following
    4. Ability to prove a minimum of 200 book sales online


Strategic Marketing & Distribution

  • Press Release Bundling
  • Distribution Bundling with EPH titles
    • Requires contract giving EPH distribution rights
  • Paid Site Advertisements
  • Affiliate Marketing


Contact us for more information on our adopt-an-author program

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