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Welcome to the Online Press Kit for The Boaz Factor: When You're Ready for the Right One


About The Boaz Factor

ISBN: 978-0-9826242-2-7
Paperback: 118 pages
Size: 5.25 x 8
Release Date: June 1, 2011
Retail Price: $14.99
Distribution: Delphi Distribution
Ordering Information:
eBook ($7.99)- Kindle, B&N, iPhone/iPad
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Looking for Love?
Knowing who Boaz is will free you from looking for love in all the wrong places. You will be encouraged, remembering the priority is not you finding him, but him finding you focused and determined.

Found, but not Chosen?
For women currently in a relationship, knowing who Boaz is will save your heart from putting more time into something that will not materialize.

Based on the Biblical account of Boaz and Ruth, The Boaz Factor...When You Are Ready For the Right One! will take you on a journey of self-discovery, highlighting why we hurt from past relationships and why we continue in a cycle of false relationships that we desire to be real.

With this revolutionary new book, Elder Brenda Bradley uses The Boaz Factor to break through the barriers of how and why we end up in the relationships that break our hearts. Grounded in scripture, truth and past experiences, The Boaz Factor will first help you to see truths that shift the paradigm of your relationships. Then, through practical, hands on application, Elder Brenda Bradley gives you a new plan to obliterate the cycle!



About the Author

With over 20 years of experience, Elder Brenda Bradley's approach to relationship counseling is grounded by the Word. Quickly establishing herself in the industry through her wit and down to earth teaching style, Pastor, Teacher, Playwright and Mentor, Elder Bradley makes the subject matter so simple “a baby could understand it!”


Her message is simple: You don’t have to invest your heart in something that will never give you back what you put in!




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Author Q&A


What makes you powerful as a person and a writer?
My thought process makes me powerful as person, for it allows me to start from the big picture and work down to the details. As a writer, I write from a prospective of breaking down the big details so that you understand what is happening in the whole scenario.



Who are your mentors?
Lossie P. Williams and Rosa L Newsome. May they both rest in peace. They were my grandmothers. Both of them did and accomplished things that were not normal in their generations.


What have you realized about yourself since becoming a published author?
That my thoughts or points of view are valuable to others.


What compelled you to write The Boaz Factor: When You Are Ready For The Right One?
I was fascinated with the current state of relationships, the obvious change in how relationships progress, and what we as women have chosen to put up with in order to keep a person (a man) in our lives. This Christian Devotional takes readers on a journey of self-discovery, opening their eyes to the truths in their relationships.


Of all the relationships in the Bible, why choose Boaz & Ruth?
Ruth is one of my favorite people as well as one of my favorite books of the Bible. Therefore, as I studied her, the Lord shined the light on them. I had never heard a Bible lesson or a sermon on Boaz. Nor had I seen or done a study on them in a relationship setting. It was time to create one!


What Insight does the book give on relationships?
It defines what type of relationship we are in as well as the relationship we should expect. It provides key principles to us as to whether or not we are investing ourselves into someone who is not ready to give us a corresponding return.


What are the signs of a Boaz man?
Signs of a Boaz man include his attention to details concerning his woman, and his mindset about the future. His conversation is different, focused and empowering. There are Seven Principles that I discuss in my book and on my blog that break this question down further.


What should women DO after reading this book?
Be empowered to walk away from a “non-relationship” relationship. Pursue the thing that God has gifted you to do. By focusing on your purpose, plan and passion, it will take you places and introduce you to people you have yet to meet. THAT is when Boaz will find you!


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